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Mani Mindful Living

Be Mindful Of Your Inner & Outer Living Space

Hey beautiful divine feminine, welcome to Mani's Mindful Living. A place where you can learn to step out of your comfort-zone, leave all the self-doubts & fears behind, reach your own higher-self and heal your own quantum field so you can recreate a life for your soul purpose. Remember you are worthy of becoming love, peace & harmony.

About Mani

Mani was born in a small village in Punjab (North India), married in Scotland, separated and moved to England, then finally found her home in California. Mani is a mother of 3. She is an Ascension Coach, Frequency Healer, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Therapist, Upcoming Author and an Entrepreneur. She chose to the break through the matrix, take a leap of faith and follow her unknown path. Her journey from her comfort-zone to enlightenment wasn't easy. She had to go through many obstacles and learn harsh lessons along the way. She says her journey isn't over yet she is still learning, however she feels like she had made a peace and harmony with the journey and started to see life as it. Now her intuition want her to share her journey with other divine souls so they can take a leap of faith and see the light through the dark tunnel.


We have lost our true authenticity in this material world. Remember a woman is equal to a man however she has a greater role to play on earth. She must avoid material distractions and just focus on preserving the treasure she is born with. Her true nature is kindness, compassionate, peaceful, gentle, flexible, warm and loving. She must take a lead in the 5th dimension to nurture and heal her own inner space so she can hold a lamp for her father, brother, husband & son and guide them the way to create a beautiful and safe place for the family and people around them.

River Stones

Our Services



Learn to call your power back by purifying your consciousness. The purification process will heal your deep wounds, ascend and align your chakras for balance, love, peace and harmony. You must go through self-discovery and align with your feminine and masculine energies by healing the inner child wounds. Then learn to serve the purpose of your soul/life.



A divine place to align your mind, body and soul. The source of cosmic energy will be driving through the divine feminine who have mastered the internal and external battles and arrived at the 5th dimension where they connect through their energy, soul and frequencies only. This tribe of the Goddesses will be serving at the physical world from their higherself.



Mani Mindful Collection is a metaphysical gift shop with the premium quality products made with crystals, essential oils, soya wax and vegan leather journals. These metaphysical products are highly vibrating and purification of the mind, body, soul and places like home and offices etc. These are perfect for a gift to your

love ones.

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First Book

Unfold; Journey to a wholesome life is Mani's book based on her personal journey of finding her own self. She has described step by step journey of her internal and external battles she has to go through. This book represent a story of each and every women who created her reality in the illusion.



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